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Values and policies


Commitment.- We are identified with the institution’s strategic objectives and act with a permanent disposition to do so. We make our best effort when discharging our duties to accomplish such objectives .

Probity.- We act in all righteousness, probity and honesty guided by ideals, reasonableness, fairness, rectitude and decency, and place the Ministry’s and the people’s goals and interests above our own.

Transparency.- We can perform, support and communicate our acts and manage information in a clear, complete and trustworthy manner. Justice. We recognize the rights of each and every member of the nation, and use public resources with fair criteria.

Loyalty.- We discharge our public duties with loyalty and in full compliance with existing laws; we direct our actions to serve the population and meet government goals.

Quality Policy

Peru’s foreign trade and tourism policy is informed by our quality policy in line with international quality standards and enshrined in our Quality Management System.

To this goal, MINCETUR commits to have its members adopt the approaches and engage in efforts that will contribute to the sector, region and nation’s development.

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