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“Peru is recognized as an exporting country providing a range of value added, competitive, diversified and consolidated goods and services for international markets, and as a sustainable tourist destination, where foreign trade and tourism contribute to social inclusion and improving the standard of living of the population”.


“We are the governing body of the Tourism and Foreign Trade Sector, charged with defining, directing, executing, coordinating and supervising sector policies. We have responsibility over international trade negotiations as well as the promotion, guidance and regulation of foreign trade, tourism and handicrafts making with a view at accomplishing our sector’ sustainable development”.



“To accomplish the sustained increase of commercial exchanges with an emphasis on non-traditional exports and consolidate Peru’s image as an exporter of competitive goods and services”.

Specific objective 1.1
“To improve the conditions for enhanced access to markets and establish clear rules and disciplines for the commercial exchange of goods and services and investments”.

1.1.1 “Active participation in multilateral trade forums, to ensure commitments will be honored and protect the country’s position and interests worldwide”.
1.1.2 “Active participation in regional integration forums, while ensuring accepted commitments are honored and deepening and strengthening sub-regional integration”.
1.1.3 “Negotiate bilateral and multilateral commercial agreements leading to an accelerated process of reciprocal commercial opening while simultaneously establishing deeper rules and disciplines in relation with multilateral forums”.
1.1.4 “Manage commercial agreements signed by Peru to ensure appropriate compliance”.

Specific objective 1.2
“Accomplish the competitive mainstreaming of goods and services in international markets”.

1.2.1 “Develop a diversified range of export products with higher value added and quality from each region”.
1.2.2 “Diversify and consolidate the participation of Peruvian companies, products and services in destination markets”.
1.2.3 “Implement effective foreign trade facilitation mechanisms that provide access to and rendering of financial and physical distribution services under improved quality and pricing standards”.
1.2.4 “Build a culture around exports with a global and strategic vision that fosters entrepreneurial skills and value-based, good commercial practices”.

Specific objective 1.3
“Diversify and consolidate the presence of Peruvian companies, products and services in destination markets”.

1.3.1 “Promote Peruvian non-traditional exports in international markets”.
1.3.2 “Help companies, trade associations and other partnership-based schemes to build the necessary capacities for improving their competitiveness in international markets”.
1.3.3 “Develop and facilitate specialized market information”.


“Make tourism a competitive, socially inclusive and environmentally responsible economic activity that will serve as a tool for the nation’s sustainable development”.

Specific objective 2.1
“Accomplish a diversified quality tourism and handicrafts offering”.

2.1.1 “Foster and develop investment in tourism”.
2.1.2 “Improve and develop new tourist products and destinations”.
2.1.3 “Develop types of tourism that promote social mainstreaming, including community-based rural tourism and eco-tourism”.
2.1.4 “Promote greater competitiveness in handicrafts-making and handicrafts’ access to international markets”.
2.1.5 “Promote the sustainable use of the country’s natural and cultural heritage included in tourism offerings”.

Specific objective 2.2
“Strengthen institutional and human resources’ capacities as they relate to tourism and handicrafts making”.

2.2.1″Strengthen tourism culture and awareness”.
2.2.2 “Develop rules and regulations for tourist and handicraft-related activities”.
2.2.3 “Foster public-private coordination forums for tourism management”.
2.2.4 “Promote the decentralization of tourism and handicrafts making and the improvement and diversification of training and education in these fields”.

Specific objective 2.3
“Serve the needs of the Peruvian tourist industry by promoting Peru as a tourist destination and its tourist attractions, both for domestic and inbound tourism “.

2.3.1″Promote Peru as a tourist destination, consolidate Peru’s image as a preferred tourist destination among its target audiences and one of the most highly regarded worldwide, and thus contribute to the decentralized and sustained increase of foreign currency earnings”.
2.3.2 “Contribute to increase the number of Peruvian vacation, leisure or recreation tourists to increase tourism-related revenues in the regions, to the full satisfaction of travelers”.
2.3.3 “Consolidate the positioning of Peru’s tourist brand and develop Peru’s country brand”.

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