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International Fairs

The purpose of this page is to facilitate understanding of the rules and established administrative procedures for obtaining permission to hold fairs and international exhibitions and fairs with the Ecuador border integration by MINCETUR .

In the first place , Decree Law 21700 – Law Fairs and International Expositions , Regulations – Supreme Decree 006-77-CO/CE , and other modifications and supplementary regulations establish rules for the conduct of international fairs and exhibitions in the country , as well as the participation of Peru and Peruvian exhibitors at international fairs and exhibitions to be held abroad. It is noteworthy that these rules have been changed so that now the validity of the benefits and tax exemptions have expired ; however there are certain rules that apply , such as the requirements for authorization of international fairs.

Meanwhile the “Agreement on festivals and subscribed border between the Republics of Peru and Ecuador ” which was ratified by Supreme Decree No. 034-2000 -RE , lays down rules for the conduct of fairs and festivals border to develop in the Peruvian border – Ecuador , in accordance with the provisions of Section 16 of the ” Comprehensive Agreement Peru-Ecuador border Integration and Neighborhood Development ” signed in Brasilia on October 26, 1998.

The Single Text of Administrative Procedures (TUPA) – TUPA’s MINCETUR, establishes requirements for accessing the authorization of international fairs by providing information to assist in decision -making to users. The procedure begins at Document Processing Office MINCETUR with the presentation of the documents requested ( FUT and format requirements ) and concludes with the authorization of the international event by Resolution Viceministerial .

To facilitate the preparation and presentation of documents is designed ” Helps Presentation Requirements ” which we hope to facilitate the development of these documents and also standardize its presentation.

The application for authorization of the international event must be submitted to MINCETUR with 03 months before the date of the exhibition event accompanied Format FUT , it must necessarily be signed by the legal representative of the applicant company .

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